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Propagating Succulents

Propagating Succulents

Have some overgrown or stretched out succulents? Here are some very basic level tips for cuttings and leaf prop the way we do it at East Austin Succulents. 

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1. Trim back allowing a good amount of stem. Roots will be able to grow all along the stem base.

2. Let fresh cutting dry out for about day or up to a week. You want the fresh cutting to scab over before planting.

3. Pull off bottom leaves and pot into dry well draining soil.

4. Water more often than established succulents to promote new root growth. Let the soil dry out between watering. I like to mist my new cuttings as well. 

Leaf Propagation

1. Gently pull leaves off stem. Try to keep the leaf as intact as possible, roots are only able to form from the base of the leaf. 

2. Place leaves gently laying on top of a bed of soil. This can be a shallow dish, cookie sheet, or tray of soil.

3. Mist regularly possibly once a day or once every other day, until roots form and growth is large enough to be replanted.

4. Gently repot when new growth is looking established. Be careful to not pull on or damage newly formed roots.

5. The original leaf will eventfully shrivel up and can be removed from plant when dried out completely. 

Happy Planting Y'all! 

- East Austin Succulents Webshop Team

Apr 8th 2021 Pam H.

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