Grafting Cactus the East Austin Succulents Way

Grafting Cactus the East Austin Succulents Way

What is a Grafted Cactus?

A grafted cactus consists of two different cacti that are fused together to create one plant. We graft cacti to make interesting plants easier to grow and faster to propagate. The base plant, rootstock, is generally a sturdy green cactus. The topper, scion, is usually a small variegated, crested, or special plant. Pretty much any cactus that you find special can be grafted onto rootstock. 

A very common example of a grafted cactus is a moon cactus. These cacti are very popular, they have a bright colored bulbous Gymnocalycium top and skinny green Hylocereus undatus rootstock. 

Grafting Cactus with Rubber Bands

Supplies for Grafting Cactus:

  • Clean sharp knives cleaned with alcohol and soap
  • Liquid Fertilizer 
  • Top Dress
  • Rubber bands (size 19 and 32)
  • Sulfur powder (optional)
  • Spray bottle with water
  • Grafting stock (Rootstock): Harrisia jusbertii Myrtillocactus geometrizanus Myrtillocactus 'Elite'
  • Grafting toppers (Scion): Gymnocalyciums, Astrophytums, Crested cactus

How to Graft Cactus (watch video below for more detailed information)

  1. Fertilize rootstocks before grafting to get them ready for grafting. They should feel plump and firm.
  2. Cut rootstock with clean knife and chamfer the edges of the cactus.
  3. Cut Grafting topper.
  4. Make sure both cuts are clear of dust and soil. Spray with water if not.
  5. Place the two cut sides of plant together Try to match the middle of the plants together with the vascular rings touching.
  6. Place rubber bands to secure the plant. You may use as many as needed. The plant should not be sliding around.
  7. Sulfur the exposed edges. (optional)
  8. Leave for 10 days, then remove rubber bands and fertilize.

Instructional Video:

Need some grafting materials? We have grafting supplies for sale on our webshop.

Gymnocalycium variegata hybrid [Single Plant]

Harrisia jusbertii

Oct 18th 2021 Pam H., Video by Eric Pedley

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