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How to Create a Carport Frame Greenhouse

How to Create a Carport Frame Greenhouse

Creating a Carport Frame Greenhouse the East Austin Succulent Way

Carport Frame Greenhouses are an easy way to make a sturdy and tall greenhouse on your property. 

Supplies for Frame Set-up:
  • 4x4s
  • Pre-hung doors
  • Polygal
  • Tyvek tape
  • Self tapping screws with washers
  • Griffolyn plastic from reef industries
  • Ground fabric secured by long nails and washers, OR gravel
  • Shade cloths for the summer
  • Wiggle wire
  • Jigsaw to cut polygal
Supplies for Inside Set-up:
  • Cinderblocks
  • Pallets
  • Excess polygal for potting table
  • Fans
  • Carport Frame Greenhouse

How to Create Carport Frame Greenhouse (watch video below for more detailed information)

  1. Get Carport installed without metal siding or roof
  2. Create Box Frame with 4x4s at front, back, and sides of greenhouse
  3. Install Pre-hung doors at front and back of greenhouse
  4. Secure polygal at front and back of greenhouse using self tapping washers and Tyvek tape
  5. Secure Grifflon plastic at top and sides of greenhouse using wiggle wire on sides
  6. Place cinderblocks and pallets to create raised shelving inside greenhouse 
  7. Make sure to use fans, and shade cloths in summer

Instructional Video: 

Dec 13th 2021 Pam H., Video by Eric Pedley

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