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Repotting Cacti into the Right Soil

Repotting Cacti into the Right Soil

Repotting Plants that come in Peat Moss

Big box stores usually pot a cactus in peat moss which retains too much moisture to be good for cacti long term. We suggest repotting these asap when you get a great find that is in a peat moss mix.

We sometimes get plants in peat moss from suppliers and here is what we do

  1. Unpot the plant and break up any compacted roots. Let the roots dry out.
  2. Once dry gently knock off most of the remaining peat moss. It is fine to leave some stuck on peat moss.
  3. If the plant has damaged roots make sure they have time to dry and heal before repotting. We use a sulfur mixture on damaged roots, but as long as they are dry and healed they should be fine.
  4. Pot up in fresh cacti & succulent soil like our succulent gold potting mix.
  5. Top dress with gravel mix or expanded shale to keep weeds out and reduce soil compaction.

Jan 18th 2023 Pam H.

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