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Opening a DIY kit from box to arrangement

Opening a DIY kit from box to arrangement

How to go from box to plant decor: DIY Kits


When you receive your EAS package in the mail, we recommend opening it right away. Since we bare root most plants, they will need to be potted up, watered and put in a nice sunny spot. If this is a gift, you can open the box and just make sure the plants are getting some sun and air flow. They can usually stay unrooted for up to two weeks for cacti, and one for succulents. Remember, they don’t get air or sunlight while being shipped so they might look slightly wrinkled and pale on arrival. This is usually quickly resolved after settling into a new home of well draining soil and sun.

We try our best to pack everything with great care, so plants & containers may have more than one layer of bubble wrap or packing material. If you ordered a cactus, the spines might still be poking through the paper, so take extra care when unwrapping a cactus. We like to use kitchen tongs to handle spiky cacti.

Our *DIY kits come with:

One container

A bag of succulent gold soil

Top dress

1-3 plants

A crystal or plant friend

*unless otherwise specified in listing

Arranging (watch video for more detailed information):
  1. Lay out all of your supplies to get ready to create your DIY arrangement. This might get your space dirty, so either plant on a tray, put down paper, or work outside.
  2. Put a layer of soil at the bottom of your new DIY container.
  3. Bare root plants if needed, remove any dead or dried up leaves from succulents.
  4. Place the plants how you would like them arranged in the container.
  5. Add more soil and tuck it around each empty area around the container.
  6. Gently push soil down with fingers, you do not need to pack it in too tight, and you might have some extra soil left over for another plant.
  7. Leave a little room for your topdress and crystals.
  8. Now take your top dress and place it on top of your soil. This helps create a nice finished look and helps reduce water compaction later on.
  9. Add your crystal or plant friend to your arrangement however you like.
  10. ENJOY your new arrangement!
Just FYI:

Our boxes come with a care card with basic succulent care instructions, but it might be a good idea to look up care instructions for the specific plants you purchased.

Jan 6th 2022 Pam H., Video by Sonja

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